Connector Manager

To create, edit and view connectors, access the Connector Manager screen:

  1. Using the product’s left-side menu; or

  2. By clicking on its card on the Welcome screen.

Creating connectors

To create connectors, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the type of connector you want to create. You can choose between:

    • AWS Lambda;

    • ctreeACE-db;

    • Firebird;

    • MySQL;

    • Oracle 11g;

    • Oracle 12c;

    • Oracle 19c;

    • PostgreSQL 9.4;

    • SAP BAPI;

    • SQL Server.

  2. In Name, give the connector a name.

  3. In Version, enter the version of the connector.

  4. In Description (optional), add a description.

  5. Select the environment for the connector. It can be:

    • Staging

    • Production

    • Staging and Production

  6. Fill in the values for the fields already loaded automatically into the environment section.

  7. Click CREATE.

You cannot delete a connector while it is being used in an integration.
create connector connector manager

Creating Rest API connectors

To create a Rest API connector, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Rest API connector’s card.

  2. Import a file with the Open API 3.0.0 specification.

    When you click the connector’s card, a modal window will open to import the file. Click SELECT FILE to locate it and then click IMPORT.

    You can only import local files with the following extensions:

    • json;

    • yaml;

    • yml.

    When you import the file, the system will check if there are structure errors and if the file is according to the supported version.

    After validating it, the connector’s configuration screen will open and its fields will be filled in automatically with the imported data.

  3. If you want to change the information automatically loaded, edit the fields of the section INFORMATION,

    • Name: Connector’s name

    • Version: Connector’s version

    • Description: Connector’s description

    • Add icon: Option to add an icon to represent the connector in the Flow.

  4. Select the endpoints of the Open API 3.0.0. that you want to use in the connector, in the section ROUTE.

    Click Select All to select all the available endpoints.

    To the right of the endpoints, you will see the content of the REQUEST and of the RESPONSE of each selected endpoint.
  5. Click CREATE.

create rest api connector

Editing connectors

To edit connectors, follow the steps below:

This option is not available for connectors of type Rest API.
  1. Click the connector you want to edit.

    You can change its:

    • The description, in Description.

    • The environment, staging or production.

      It is mandatory to have at least one environment enabled to save editing changes.
    • The values in the selected environment(s), even if the connector is being used in a flow.

  2. When you have finished editing, click SAVE.

edit connector connector manager

Viewing your connectors

Here you can see all the public connectors and the ones you created (private).

The connectors are displayed in cards in alphabetical order and each card has an icon identifying the connector, a title and a description.

To search for a connector, type its name or a word from its description in the search box at the top left of the screen and click SEARCH.

You can restrict the viewing of the connectors by type of connector. To do so, at the top right of the screen, click the arrow in the field Connector Type and select the type of connector you want to use as a filter.

If you want to clear what you have typed or go back to the initial view of the available connectors, click CLEAR.

To learn about how to fill in each connector’s configuration form, please access Connectors.

Available Connectors

Sensedia Integrations offers a wide range of business connectors. These connectors enable the integration of diverse platforms and systems, allowing you to optimize your operations in an efficient and agile way. By supporting popular connectors, you can make the most of your existing tools and data, driving growth and productivity in a streamlined way.

ADP icon ADP

Human capital management

asana icon Asana

Project and task management

aws lambda logo AWS Lambda

Serverless computing service

chatgpt icon ChatGPT

AI language model

conta azul icon Conta Azul

Financial management

c treeACE logo ctreeACE-db

Multi-model database system

docusign icon DocuSign

Electronic signature platform

firebird logo Firebird

Relational database management system

calendar icon Google Calendar

Google’s online calendar

google sheets icon Google Sheets

Google’s online spreadsheets

HubSpot CRM icon HubSpot CRM

Customer relationship management system

ifood icon iFood

Food delivery platform

intercom icon Intercom

Customer communication platform

jira icon Jira

Project management software

loja integrada icon Loja Integrada

Online store creation platform

loggi icon Loggi

On-demand delivery platform

magento icon Magento

E-commerce platform

magalu icon Magalu

Brazilian retailer

dynamics icon MS Dynamic

Microsoft’s suite of enterprise management applications

microsoft teams icon MS Teams

Microsoft’s collaboration and communication platform

mysql icon MySQL

Relational database management system

oracle database Oracle 11g

Relational database management system

oracle database Oracle 12c

Cloud database management system

oracle database Oracle 19c

Relational database management system

oracle micros simphony Oracle MICROS Simphony

Cloud-based POS platform

oracle netsuite icon Oracle NetSuite

Cloud-based enterprise management system

picpay icon Picpay

Digital wallet and payment platform

Pipedrive icon PipeDrive

Sales management software

postgresql logo PostgreSQL

Relational database management system

rd station icon RD Station

Digital marketing platform

sap hana icon SAP 4 Hana

SAP’s suite of enterprise applications

sap hana icon SAP BAPI

SAP data communication

seniorx icon Senior X

Enterprise management solutions

servicenow icon Service Now

Enterprise service automation platform

shopify icon Shopify

E-commerce platform

slack icon Slack

Collaborative communication platform

sql server logo SQL Server

Relational database management system

ThomsonReuters icon Thomson Reuters

Information and technology company

trello icon Trello

Project management application

Twilio icon Twilio

Cloud communication platform

via varejo icon Via Varejo

E-commerce company

vindi icon Vindi

Subscription and recurring payment management platform


E-commerce platform

whatsapp icon WhatsApp

Instant messaging application

zendesk icon Zendesk

Customer support platform

zenvia icon Zenvia

Communication platform

zoom icon Zoom

Video conferencing platform

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