The SAP BAPI connector is a fundamental step in integrating applications with the SAP system. It simplifies the communication and management of data that is vital to the efficiency of processes and the functionality of SAP systems.

To learn how to create SAP BAPI connectors, go to Connector Manager.

Adding the connector to the canvas

  1. Click the hub icon with plus sign icon in the editing menu on the left.

  2. Choose SAP BAPI. You can use the search bar search steps icon to find it.

  3. Connect it to a previous step if you want to use the properties of other steps.

To copy the step, click the copy icon button. If the step form is already configured, the settings will be copied too.

To delete the connector from the canvas, select it and click the trashcan icon button.

Configuring the form

  1. Select the SAP BAPI on the canvas.

  2. Click the edit icon pencil icon.

  3. Fill in the following form fields:

    • Name: enter the connector’s name.

    • Connector: select one of the registered connectors.

    • Timeout: enter the request timeout in milliseconds. By default, the value will be 3000 milliseconds and the maximum value 60000 ms.

      By clicking the list icon icon to the right of the Timeout field, you can filter and display environment variables and the payload of previous steps (if the steps are connected) for use in configuring the timeout.
    • Properties: use the environment variables and properties of previous steps to create your script in Instruction.

    • Instruction: create your script by entering the input attributes or by creating an expression by clicking the fx-button button on the right. The Concat function is available for creating the expression. This field contains the native syntax of the protocol to which the connector provides access.

    • Ignore Errors button: by default, this button is disabled and you can enable it. Check more details about the function of Ignore Errors on the table below:

      Enabled switch

      Disabled switch off

      Execution continues, even if there are errors in the process.

      Execution will be stopped immediately.

      The logs show the step with an error.

      The logs show the execution up to the step with the error.

      The following steps will be executed.

      No further step will be executed.

  4. Click on SAVE.

sap bapi form flow
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