Open Finance Add-on

Sensedia’s Open Finance solution is aimed at data transmitting Financial Institutions (FIs) that are participants of Open Finance Brazil. It constitutes the Open Finance Add-on, composed by the Admin Portal, the Consent Engine, the Authorization Server and the Support Services:

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  • The Admin Portal is an extension of the Sensedia API Platform and it includes the interfaces for governance of the Open Finance ecosystem; with it you can view and manipulate information about APIs, dashboards, registered TPPs, consent management, certificates and scheduled unavailability.

  • The Consent Engine manages consent for data sharing, payment initiations, and all other Open Finance operations that require consent, thus complying with the Central Bank’s definitions for all transactions.

  • The Authorization Server ensures the security of Open Finance transactions by certifying the authorization of all transactions through the implementation of OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect and FAPI-RW rules, also meeting all Central Bank regulations.

  • The Support Services collects and exposes monitoring data to the customer through a set of ready-made APIs that also comply with Central Bank regulations.

Official information Open Banking Brasil (in Portuguese).
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