Adaptive Governance

User Guide

Welcome to the Sensedia Adaptive Governance User Guide.[1]

Adaptive Governance is Sensedia’s solution for API governance.

The solution offers a low-code interface and analyzes the quality of your API documentation. Based on predefined rules, Adaptive Governance calculates and assigns a maturity score to each API, indicating rules that were violated and the severity level of each violation.

In addition, Adaptive Governance provides recommendations to improve the quality of your API documentation. It helps developers to fix violations and improve the maturity score.

With Artificial Intelligence (AI), Adaptive Governance applies the recommendations directly to the API documentation, automating the process of fixing the violations.

Adaptive Governance features

One thing to note here is that users of Sensedia API Platform already benefit from several governance tools:

  • dashboards;

  • advanced API catalog with detailed search;

  • management of apps that consume the APIs;

  • management of API plans, including access control, control of number of calls, infrastructure protection and billing quota;

  • policies (our interceptors) that allow you to configure access rules, security standards and behavior of the APIs, their versions and revisions;

  • several levels of user organization (teams, roles, visibility rules);

  • API deployment in different environments;

  • Developer Portal to organize API publication and documentation.

The features brought by Adaptive Governance add more value to these tools, helping you to improve the quality of your API documentation and ensuring that they are aligned with best market practices.

For that, Adaptive Governance offers the following features:

  • Maturity Report, which evaluates the quality of API documentation and assigns a maturity score, indicating the violated rules and the severity level of each violation.

  • Smart Recommendations, which provides the option to download the documentation with the recommendations applied by AI.

In addition to Adaptive Governance, we have a professional services team specialised in API governance. We can assist you in many tasks, from identifying the ideal governance style for your teams to establishing a reference architecture based on Sensedia’s Governance Playbook. Contact us to find out more!

1. This document is the property of Sensedia. It should not be used for commercial purposes, nor reproduced, partly or in its entirety, without our explicit authorisation.
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