Open Insurance Add-on

Welcome to the Open Insurance User Guide by Sensedia. The solution is aimed at Insurance Service Initiation Companies (SIIS) that are participants of Open Insurance Brazil. It constitutes the Open Insurance Add-on, composed by the Admin Portal, the Consent Engine, the Authorization Server and the Support Services:

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  • The Admin Portal [under construction] is an extension of the Sensedia API Platform and includes the interfaces for governance of the Open Insurance ecosystem; with it you can view and manipulate information about APIs, dashboards, consent management, certificates and scheduled unavailability.

  • The Consent Engine manages consent for data sharing and all other Open Insurance operations that require consent, thus complying with the Susep’s definitions for all transactions.

  • The Authorization Server ensures the security of Open Insurance transactions by certifying the authorization of all transactions through the implementation of OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect and FAPI-RW rules, also meeting all Susep’s regulations.

  • The Support Services collects and exposes telemetry to the customer through a set of ready-made APIs that also comply with Susep’s regulations.

Official information Open Insurance Brasil (in Portuguese).
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