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This is the user guide for Sensedia Analytics, our solution for improved management of metrics generated by your products and trace export.

With the database and metrics that Sensedia Analytics provides, you can create custom dashboards and customize how you search and export your traces.

This user guide is constantly updated. If you feel there’s any information missing, please contact us:


These Sensedia Analytics features are accessible either from our homepage or from the sidebar:

  • General trace exhibits a list from which you can access details of the calls made by apps to your APIs;

  • With Advanced Analysis, you can customize and manage filters (Discover), cards for your dashboard (Visualize) and the dashboard itself.

Together, General trace and Advanced analytics allow you to do, for example, a drill down analysis to identify root causes. With Discovery, Dashboards and Visualize from Advanced analytics, you can funnel the data, getting in a requestID. With the requestID, in General trace, you can see, graphically, step by step each execution that occurred when the request was made. These details indicate the reasons for failure or success of your calls.

Advanced analytics is only available in English.

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