Events Hub

Welcome to the Sensedia Events Hub User Guide.[1]

In this documentation, we will explain in detail the options of Events Hub's main menu:

To get an overview of the features, go to Events Hub Quick Guide.

Introduction to Events Hub

Our main goal with Events Hub is to enable event-driven architecture, allowing real-time reactions to business moments and providing greater scalability, resiliency and extensibility to your IT architecture.

Benefits of Events Hub for your business:

  • greater agility;

  • cost reduction;

  • better customer experience;

  • increased productivity with our low-code interface;

  • real-time insights regarding your business;

  • events management through logs (Event Status);

  • implementation of security policies and resources.

Our low-code interface makes it easy to set up and maintain a complex network of event distribution, allowing independent registration and management of event publishers and subscribers.

We organize event distribution through a publication channel comprised of topics, handlers and contexts and add features for configuring security policies and automatic delivery attempts to ensure delivery to subscribers.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the capacity to respond in real-time to threats and opportunities, improving end-users' experience and business results.

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