Access Tokens

An access token is an object that includes authorisation data that enables an application to access an API.

For the API Platform, an access token is always used alongside an app and it is only obligatory in a request if the API it accesses is configured so as to require Access Token Validation.

As one app can be linked to more than one API, through different plans, a given access token can be used to access different APIS.

List of access tokens

The Access Tokens page, which displays existing tokens and allows registering new ones, is accessed via the main menu, as shown below.

access tokens edited

On this page, existing tokens can be seen on a list that contains these details: access token code, the token’s owner, the app linked to the token, its status and creation date. It is also possible to use the action icons to edit a token or visualise more information (associated APIs and plans).

The page also contains a search field, with enables tokens to be filtered by code, owner, status, date of creation or associated API.

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