HTTP Method

The HTTP Method interceptor “swaps” the HTTP method of the current call.

For example, imagine that there is GET request to a given API resource (e.g.: /stores/{id}), but your server supports only POST requests. You can use this interceptor to transform the HTTP method of the incoming request from GET to POST.

How it works

This is the architecture of the interceptor, with the from-GET-to-POST example:

http method diagram

The request is received by the Gateway, which executes the HTTP Method interceptor.

The interceptor turns the method coming from the request (GET) into the method registered on the Manager (POST).

After the transformation, the Gateway forwards the request to the API server but now with the desired method.

Configuring the interceptor

The interceptor can only be used in the request flow.

After adding it to the flow, select the desired method among the options on the list, as in the image below. The method selected will be the one forwarded to the backend.

http method popup
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