Billing Hits

If you need to charge for the use of some API resources, you can manage this with the Billing Hits interceptor. When inserted in the flow, this interceptor will identify all requests made and which returned the configured HTTP status code.

To use this interceptor, you need to have at least one client validator (such as Client ID, for instance) enabled.
The easiest way to use Billing Hits is by registering a Plan — which is a set of interceptors to be used in the Gateway — with the Billing Quota option active. Click here to know more.

As of the request, the apps and/or access tokens linked to a Plan will be identified, and, based on them, the billing and cache storing processes are going to take place. In case the apps and/or access tokens are not identified in the request, the interceptor will consider the request as "billing" and will assign the value "1" as default.

You will be able to verify all the requests made by each app in a specified period via a report, and can, therefore, charge for these requests.

billing hits
The Billing Hits interceptor can be placed only in the response flow.
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