Managing Plans: Visualising Details, Editing, Cloning, and Deleting Plans

You can access all existing plans by clicking Plans on the Manager’s main menu.


In addition to creating new plans, the page allows visualising Plan details and modifying plans, by either editing their information or deleting them, via the action icons.

plans actions

Plan Overview

When you click on a plan on the plans list, you are directed to the Plan Overview page, where you can see the plan’s basic information, the interceptors inserted in the flows and the API the plan is linked to.

plan overview

If you wish to make any modification, click the Edit button.

Editing a plan

You can access a plan’s editing screen these two ways: i) clicking the editing icon (icon edit) on the plans list; or ii) clicking the Edit button on the Plan Overview page.

You will be redirected to the editing screen, which works as the plan creation screen, following the same steps. You can alter the basic information, the interceptors, and even the API the plan is linked to.

Cloning a plan

Users can create an identical copy of the plan. To do this, click the Clone Plan option (40) on the action icons section of the plans list. A copy of the plan will be generated, with all interceptors matching the original plan.

As a plan must have a unique name, each copy will have its name added by "(Copy)". This name, as any other information registered, is editable.

plan clone

Deleting a plan

To remove a plan, click the delete icon (icon delete) on the plans list, and confirm the action by clicking the Ok button.

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