App Creation (ssd api-management create app)

The ssd api-management create app command allows you to create an app on Sensedia API Platform.

You can use the ssd api-management create app command or its shortened version ssd apim create app.

For more specific information, refer to the documentation on the creation of apps on Sensedia API Platform.


The ssd api-management create app command can be followed by flags with their respective arguments:

ssd api-management create app [flags]

If no flag is specified, the interactive mode will be activated.

See below an example of usage in the direct mode:

$ ssd api-management create app "My new app" --description "New app description" --developer --status "APPROVED"

Available flags

The following flags can be used with the ssd api-management create app command:

Flag Type Description

-d, --description


App description



App developer

-h, --help

Displays help for the command

-s, --status


App status. Available options: "APPROVED", "PENDING", "REJECTED", "CANCELLED"

Global Flags




-c, --config


Configuration file (default: $HOME/.sensedia/config.json)



The configuration profile you want to use (default: "default")


Lists all requests made by the command. It is possible to store this information in a TXT file instead of displaying it on the terminal. E.g.: $ ssd (api-management | apim) list apis --verbose 2> log.txt

Declarative Mode

It is possible to create an app using a .yaml file with the declarative mode. Learn more.
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