Validation Schemas (ssd api-management schema)

The ssd api-management schema command allows you to get validation schemas for documents used on Sensedia CLI in the declarative mode, through the terminal.

You can use the ssd api-management schema command or its shortened version ssd apim schema.

For more specific information on the available schema kinds, refer to the documentation on the Declarative Mode.


The ssd api-management schema command can be followed by flags with their respective arguments:

ssd api-management schema [flags]

If no flag is specified, the interactive mode will be activated.

# Gets an APPLY operation validation schema for the Environment resource
$ ssd api-management schema --version v1 --kinds Environment --operations apply

# Gets a DELETE operation validation schema for the App resource
$ ssd api-management schema --version v1 --kinds App --operations delete

# Gets APPLY and DELETE operations validation schemas for the RestAPI and Plan resources
$ ssd api-management schema --version v1 --kinds "RestAPI, Plan" --operations "apply,delete"

Available flags

The following flags can be used with the ssd api-management schema command:




-h, --help

Displays help for the command



The schema kinds that will be displayed



The operations related to the schema. The available options are: "APPLY" and "DELETE"

Global Flags




-c, --config


Configuration file (default: $HOME/.sensedia/config.json)



The configuration profile you want to use (default: "default")


Lists all requests made by the command. It is possible to store this information in a TXT file instead of displaying it on the terminal. E.g.: $ ssd (api-management | apim) list apis --verbose 2> log.txt

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