Release Notes


Date: December/2022

New Features!

It is now possible to get validation schemas on the documents used by CLI while in Declarative Mode, through the terminal. Additionally, with the new ssd api-management list traces command, it has become easier to monitor and list API calls. We' ve also made some improvements, such as the possibility to add or remove interceptors from the plan flow on CLI Declarative Mode and also included new application and exclusion schemas for the custom interceptors JavaInterceptor and JavaScriptInterceptor.

Fixed Bugs

We fixed a bug that allowed the use of files with an invalid extension when creating custom interceptors.


Date: November/2022

New features!

Our latest version of Sensedia CLI offers new possibilities when managing API Platform resources! You can now link and unlink Apps from APIs and their plans as well as deploy and undeploy APIs through our Declarative Mode.


Date: November/2022

New Features!

There are new possibilities when using or managing API Platform resources using Sensedia CLI. Now, it is possible to create or delete Rest APIs, as well as link or unlink APIs to environments via CLI’s Declarative Mode.

Fixed Bugs

We fixed a bug that affected creating and deleting plans with the same name, despite belonging to different APIs. Now on Declarative Mode, CLI will be able to distinguish plans according to the API they belong to.


Date: October/2022

New features!

Our latest version of Sensedia CLI allows you to manage API Platform resources with .yaml files using the Declarative Mode. Manage your resources faster and more efficiently! Learn how to do it here.


Date: October/2022

Bug fixes

We have fixed a bug so that the commands that deal with APIs work properly. Incorrect results might be returned when trying to list APIs if their names contain blank spaces or special characters. Thus, commands that handle APIs can affect incorrect APIs if they have very similar names. Therefore, upgrading to this version is recommended.


Date: September/2022

New features!

Now on Sensedia CLI, besides easily creating and listing roles, you can grant each role its access type and permissions. Just check our new features for creating and listing roles! Managing users got even easier! With our new version, when necessary you can edit users using the ssd api-management update user command.


Bug fix

We have fixed a bug in the ssd api-management link command used when associating an API with an environment.


Our latest version comes with more features and improvements! Now, besides adding interceptors to API flows, you can also add them to the plan flows. Read more about it starting on this page. Not only is it possible to add interceptors, but also to create custom ones! See more about creating custom interceptors here. Do you need to remove an interceptor from the API or plan flow? Done! Check how to remove them here.

Minor bug fixes

We have fixed minor bugs when creating or adding resources.


Date: July/2022

New features!

We have added new features so that Sensedia Adaptive Governance can also be used with Sensedia CLI. The enhancements include the ability to create, edit, list and delete attributes and workflows. In addition, you can now import a WSDL contract when creating or editing an API on Sensedia API Platform using the command line, instead of creating resources manually.

Comprehensive commands!

Sensedia CLI commands have now been updated to include the product name before the command you want to use. For instance, to use the list command on Adaptive Governance or API Platform, just type: ssd gov list or ssd apim list. The addition command (ssd add) has also been enhanced to support destination and a larger number of interceptors. API Platform commands have been expanded and now they also allow you to get, delete, import and revoke API resources.

More independence!

We have updated some commands, such as those to edit or delete attributes and workflows. Now, they work in the interactive mode or in the direct one, which requires flags.


We fixed minor bugs to make the solution even more complete.


Date: February/2022

New Features

You can now create APIs, Apps, environments and plans via Sensedia CLI. Easily add interceptors to your APIs using the interactive mode, which will guide you by asking the necessary questions, or using the direct mode with specific flags. Additionally, now you have more control as you can list all requests that have been made by the commands in a TXT file instead of displaying the information on the terminal. Just use the flag --verbose!

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