Authentication (ssd configure)

To be used, the Sensedia CLI must be authenticated with Sensedia API Platform.

This authentication is performed on Sensedia CLI through the ssd configure command.

The "ssd configure" command

The ssd configure command allows you to configure some general settings for Sensedia CLI, such as the URL of your Sensedia API Platform Manager, the authentication and the default output format for the information.


The ssd configure command can be used in either the interactive mode or in the direct mode, by specifying all the required flags.

ssd configure [flags]

Examples of usage:

# Usage in the interactive mode
$ ssd configure

# Usage in the direct mode
$ ssd configure --url --token 6ea33666-47a3-11ec-81d3-0242ac130003

Available flags

The following flags can be used with the ssd configure command:

Flag Type Description

-h, --help

Displays help for the command

-o, --output


Specifies the display type of the information. E.g.: -o json, -o table



Sensedia CLI Token generated on Sensedia API Platform, e.g.: 87327fc6-47a2-11ec-81d3-0242ac130003. Learn how to generate the CLI Token



URL of your Sensedia API Platform Manager. E.g.:

Global Flags




-c, --config


Configuration file (default: $HOME/.sensedia/config.json)



The configuration profile you want to use (default: "default")


Lists all requests made by the command. It is possible to store this information in a TXT file instead of displaying it on the terminal. E.g.: $ ssd (api-management | apim) list apis --verbose 2> log.txt

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