The Developers page, in the Manager’s main menu, lists the registered users of your Developer Portal. These developers can create apps that will consume the APIs available on your Manager.

Check out this documentation to read about how to edit your Portal.

Registering developers

New developers are registered through your company’s Developer Portal, not the Manager.

The new user must access your Portal and click Sign up. Their e-mail address and name must be informed, as the image below shows.

create account

The developer will receive an email informing that the registration has been successful and containing a link to create a password on the Portal.

create password

Logging in

To enter the Portal, the user must choose the desired method (login using one of the available social networks or via e-mail and password) on the Sign in with field.

sign in option

Login via social networks

Every login system that uses social networks works like this: the site where you are at sends, through a registered application, a data request to the social network chosen. After the user authorises the application to access their data, the social network returns the user’s information and connects both profiles.

Login via e-mail

To log in using the e-mail, the user must inform the e-mail address and the password set up previously.


List of existing developers

All registered developers can be viewed on the Manager, by clicking the Developers option of the main menu, as the image below shows. The search field allows looking up developers by name or email address.

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