Control plane

Set of modules related to design time. Functionalities such as environment configuration, APIs, policies and log visualization are provided by these modules. The control plane is shared.

Although there are several mechanisms for high availability and resilience, it is not recommended to use administrative APIs in high load flows.


The shard is a logical grouping used to provide services to a specific set of customers. Services such as database for logs and auditing tokens are shared with the data planes of a certain shard.

Data plane

Set of modules related to runtime. The data plane modules are dedicated to each customer. All calls are handled by modules contained in the data plane. Each data plane is provisioned in a dedicated VPC, with its own IP address. The data plane is composed of:


    • NETWORK LOAD BALANCER: Layer 4 load balancer.

    • SEC-PROXY: Responsible for TLS exposure and termination.

    • API GATEWAY: Responsible for transactions. Policy enforcement, logging, and transformations are performed by this module.

By default, the data plane is provisioned with a gateway pool (default), however, new gateway pools can be purchased.

In addition to gateway pools, other modules are available on the data plane:

  • API AUTHORIZATION: Module responsible for generating access-tokens.

  • MEMORY GRID: In-memory database for caching and data distribution.

In addition to these, there are some adjacent modules, also on the data plane.

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