General Trace Data Obfuscation

The General Trace screen contains an extra functionality, Data Obfuscation, which allows masking sensitive data fields by altering selected characters. This functionality is available as default only for the SuperAdmin role.

Data Obfuscation is useful for environments where sensitive information travels and when, for any reason, a Log Obfuscation interceptor was not used in the API.

You can find the Data Obfuscation tab next to the Filters and Custom tabs.

log obfuscation

Obfuscating data

First, you need to select an API and at least one environment to which it is deployed (in case you want to obfuscate data from all environments, the Environments field may be left empty). If you wish, you can choose more than one API at the same time. Then, you must write a regular expression (RegEx) that matches the information you want to obfuscate. After this is done, click Search.

log obfuscation regex

The search will return the occurrences found in the environment selected. You can choose which occurrences to alter and, in the Replace values with field, you must insert the characters to be use to replaced the original data. For the action to be carried out, click the Replace selected button.

log obfuscation replace
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