The Teams page allows creating and managing teams of users to group access to certain Manager features.

In addition to the different roles, it’s also possible to group users by teams.

While roles define general access permissions to Manager features, teams are used to organize visibility access to specific APIs, environments and custom interceptors.

You don’t have to work with teams, but they make it easier to register APIs, environments and custom interceptors because they allow maintaining access control without you having to give permission to each separate user. If you state that a team has visibility of an API when registering it, that means that all team members will be able to access that API.

To know more about visibility access to these objects, see the section on visibility rules.

List of teams

The Teams screen shows a list of existing teams. The list informs the name of each team, its number of users, a description, the creation date and action icons (icon edit to edit and icon delete to exclude teams).

Search field

Above the list of existing teams there is a search field where you can look team up by typing keywords.

The search field allows word compositions and also parts of a word to filter teams. On the example image at the top of this page, we are using tech as keyword, which generated a result, the team "Technical Writers".

Creating teams

To register a team, just click the Create Team button, represented by the + symbol on the lower right corner of the page.

A modal window will open for you to add the information required.

Inform a name and a description.

Inform the users that will be part of the team on the Users field, which has autocomplete function.

Editing teams

To edit a team, click the icon edit icon under the Actions column of the list, on the row of the selected team.

A modal window like the team creation window will appear. You can modify both the basic information (name and description) and the users.

To add new users, insert them on the Users field. To delete members, click the icon delete icon next to each one’s name.

Deleting teams

To delete a team, click the icon delete icon on the row of the selected team, under the Actions column of the teams list. A confirmation window will pop up. Click on Ok to perform the removal.

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