Billing Quota

This feature enables users to create billing policies for the consumption of their APIs.

How it works

Billing information are processed by billing interceptors. For such, the flow is required to contain either a Billing Hits default interceptor or a JavaScript custom interceptor configured with the $billing.execute($call) method invoked. In the execution of a request, any apps or access tokens associated with the plan will be identified and, based on them, the processing of the billing functionality will be performed.

Configuring the feature

You can activate the feature by marking the Billing Quota field on the first screen of creating (or editing) a plan.

billing quota

When you select the option, new fields will be open for data insertion:

  • Block Call: if selected, this option determines that a request whose value exceeds the limit set in the Quota field should be interrupted. If the field is enabled and a request exceeds the limit a 429 error will be displayed.

  • Quota: determines a threshold value that a plan can receive in a certain amount of time.

  • Recurrence: determines the frequency at which the plan’s billing information should be stored.

In case the API accessed contains several plans, and their billing fields are configured with different values, the plan with the lowest quota value will be considered for billing processing.

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