This interceptor generates a log entry on the Trace page so you can visualise the request and response of a given API.

Logs can only be viewed by users with the Trace permission. You can see the default permissions for each user role here (remember, however, that roles can be customised and, therefore, the permissions on your Manager may differ from the default ones).

The picture below shows the configuration of this interceptor:


The fields to be selected are:

  • Encrypt Content: if enabled, all details inside the General Trace log (accessed by clicking the icon view icon) will be encrypted. The data to be encrypted are: URI, headers and body.

    In addition to the Log permission to view logs, only users with the Trace Decrypt permission can see decrypted data (see the default permissions for each user role here).
  • Encrypt URL Path / Query Parameters: if enable, only the path and query params inside the URI will be encrypted. Only the protocol, host and request port will be displayed. This option impacts the URI search field on the Trace.

For these settings to work properly, OPEN JDK 1.8 is required.
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