Resilience mechanisms

All modules are provisioned considering resilience mechanisms such as:

  • Multiple Availability Zones.

  • Self healing systems.

  • Load balancing.

  • Auto scaling.

The diagram below represents the architecture with multiple availability zones. Despite being focused on the gateway, the same concept is applied to any module of the platform. This includes database, cache, messaging, etc.

multiple zones

The macro process is:

  1. The request arrives at one of the load balancer’s entry points. Note that entry points work in the active-active model.

  2. The load balancer forwards the request to an available gateway.

  3. Gateway goes out to the internet through NAT gateways.

  4. Request arrives at the backend.

In the whole process there is redundancy between the zones, since resources from one zone can be consumed by another, in an active-active way.

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