Top Operations

The Top Operations screen lists updated information about the availability of the 15 most requested operations across all your APIs.

apis health 1

Availability is a metric defined by the percentage of successful requests based on the HTTP status codes returned (including client errors of the 4xx family). 5xx codes (referring to server errors) are considered unsuccessful.

To identify the 15 most requested operations, we count the calls without distinguishing between different environments. Furthermore, the data refers to the total available in the Metrics index (by default, last 3 months).

Information displayed

For each item in the list, you can see the average availability and response time by clicking the icon icon view. We show this data for the last hour, last day, last week, and last month:

apis health 2

Displaying the status on the Developer Portal

In the Top Operations screen you can configure the resources that will be displayed in the API Status section of the Developer Portal. To do this, click SHOW IN DEV PORTAL button, which opens check boxes for the items in the list. After selecting the operations that are to be displayed, click SEND TO DEV PORTAL:

apis health 3

You can then edit the list of operations displayed on the Portal by repeating the same process.

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