Managing Apps: Overview, Editing and Deleting Apps


Clicking on the icon icon overview will take you to the Overview screen which displays all the app data.

apps overview

  • Basic info: Displays the general information of the app (name, developer, etc…​)

  • APIs and Plans: Displays the APIs and Plans consumed by the app

  • Access tokens: Displays the Access Tokens associated with the app

The Edit button allows you to edit the data of the selected tab.

Editing an app

To edit an app, click the icon edit new icon inside the app’s card. You will be directed to the Overview screen where you can edit the app’s information as well as the APIs and Plans it consumes. Once you are done editing, click the Save Edit button to save the changes.

Deleting an app

To delete an app, just click on the icon icon delete new and confirm the action by clicking on the button DELETE.

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