To register and view your authorizations, go to the Authorizations page:

  1. Through the product’s left-side menu; or

  2. By clicking on its card on the Welcome screen.

Register a new authorization

To register a new authorization, click the button + AUTHORIZATIONS.

You can choose between API Key and OAuth 2.

To learn how to register each of the available authorizations, go to the following pages:

View your authorizations

If no authorizations are registered, you will see a message saying no authorization has been created.

If you already registered authorizations, the list on the page displays the last 25 registered authorization records, in alphabetical order.

To search for a specific authorization, type the name or description entered during the authorization registration into the Name, Description field and click SEARCH.

In the Type field, you can restrict the viewing by selecting the type of authorization registered: API Key or OAuth 2.

If you want to clear what you have typed or go back to the initial view of the authorization list, click CLEAR.

The authorization list contains the following columns:

  • Name: name of the authorization.

  • Description: description of the authorization.

  • Type: type of authorization entered. It can be either API Key or OAuth 2.

  • Environment: environments where the authorization is configured and validated. It may be Staging, Production or both.

  • Actions: actions to be performed on registered authorizations:

    • edit icon: edits the authorization type.

    • removeIcon: deletes the authorization.

You cannot delete an authorization linked to an integration flow.


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