What is Sensedia Integrations?

Sensedia Integrations is a cloud platform where you build integration flows in a canvas supported by a wide range of tools and business connectors. All this on one screen and in a low-code environment.

With Sensedia Integrations you can:

  • Set security credentials for data protection;

  • Map your data;

  • Use our wide range of business connectors;

  • Execute your integration before the deployment to anticipate errors;

  • Monitor logs and metrics of deployed integrations;

  • Manage your workflow.

Sensedia Integrations Advantages

Our solution is ideal for dealing with integration challenges in complex environments where different applications and systems need to communicate and exchange information efficiently. Learn about the advantages we offer for your business:

Connectivity: integration between heterogeneous systems, allowing data exchange between different applications, databases and services.

Process Orchestration: automation of manual processes which significantly reduces the time and effort required for maintenance and implementation of new integrations.

Monitoring: execution of each integration flow in real-time to monitor requests, performance and errors.

Scalability: scaling integrations according to your needs, without the need for interruptions in the data flow or complex restructuring.


To navigate Sensedia Integrations, go to the Welcome screen and click on the cards, or click on the options available on the left side menu:

flow icon Integration Flows

Create and manage integration flows.

search on page icon Executions

See the log details of the requests received by the integration flows.

rocket icon Deployments

Check the deployment status and action.

hub with a plus sign icon Connector Manager

See all the available connectors.

lock icon Authorizations

Register authorizations for your integration.

question mark icon Online Help

See the product documentation on Sensedia Docs page.

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