Scheduler Trigger

With the Scheduler Trigger, you can schedule the integration flow’s execution for defined period of times.

The configuration form contains two sections: INFORMATION and REQUIREMENTS.


In the INFORMATION section, there is only one field:

  • Name: name of the trigger. It can be edited and cannot be repeated in the same integration flow.

In REQUIREMENTS, there are two fields:

  • Cron Expression: set up a recurrence pattern to run the integration flow. Learn how a Cron Expression works.

    By clicking the Properties icon list icon on the right, you can:
    a. Select the registered expression. In this case, you will see the selected attribute, not its value. The system will validate the expression.
    b. Create expressions using the Expression Builder.
  • Time Zone: select the time zone. You can type it or filter the available options. The default time zone is UTC.

Click SAVE to save the changes. To exit the form without saving, click X at the top right.

Expression Builder

The Expression Builder component allows you to create expressions with parameters and variables through functions and conditions available within the component. This allows you to adjust the expressions to meet your needs.

Follow the steps below to access the Expression Builder screen:

  1. Click the Properties icon list icon, to the right of the Cron Expression field.

  2. Next, click the expression icon icon in the upper-right corner.

expression builder trigger

The Expression Builder screen contains the following sections:

  • Properties: shows data from previous steps and from the environment variables. Filter the attributes using the search field at the top of the section and then click the magnifying glass icon. You can select more than one attribute. When selecting it, the attribute will appear in the Expression field.

  • Expression: field to enter the input attributes or to create an expression by clicking the fx button button on the right. Only the Concat function is available to create the expression.

When selecting two or more attributes in the Properties field, you must create an expression.

To save the information, click CONFIRM and, to exit the screen, and cancel the operation, click X, at the top right.

Cron Expression

What is a Cron Expression?

A Cron Expression is a string that defines periodic scheduling following a specific format.

The field Cron Expression accepts schedules with the following fields:

<minute> <hour> <day of month> <month> <day of week>

To fill in the fields, you can use numbers and some special characters:

  • * means "all";

  • ? means "any" and can be used for month and day of week;

  • L means "last" and can be used for month and day of week;

  • First three letters of days of week (like MON and TUE);

  • , means a list of values (only the specified values);

  • - means a range of values (all the values included in the range);

Here are some examples of Cron Expressions:

Minute Hour Day of month Month Day of week Meaning






Every day at 10:30 a.m.






At 2 p.m. from Monday to Friday.






At 2 p.m. only on Mondays and Fridays.






Every day at 8 a.m. in June.






On the last day of every month, at 5:10 p.m.

If you need assistance to create and/or validate a Cron Expression, access CronMaker.
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