In this screen, you can:

  • See the current deployment status of your integrations flows;

  • Take actions according to the status of a specific flow (undeploy, redeploy, see deployment history etc).

See the deployment status of your integration flows

The list with the deployments will show the last 25 integration flows deployed in descending order by date/time of the deployment. You will see the following status:

  • Undeployed

  • Deploying

  • Deployed

  • Error

  • Undeploying


At the top side of the screen, you can search for integration flows using the following filters:

  • Environment: select the flow’s deployment environment, which can be Staging or Production;

  • Design Type: select the flow’s design type, which can be Source or Diagram.

To search for a specific deployment, type the name of the integration flow or the description that was added when deploying it and click SEARCH.

Deployments screen



By clicking three dots image, in the Actions column, you will see one or more actions to be performed in a deployment. These actions will vary according to the deployment status of each integration flow.

No actions will be available in the Actions column while the integration flow has the Deploying status.

Check below the existing actions:

  • box icon Environment variables: see the environment variables registered to your flow. All the fields are read-only.

  • a square icon with an arrow to undo action Undeploy: undeploy an integration flow.

When you click this button, a confirmation box will open. To confirm the action, type UNDEPLOY and click CONFIRM. To leave the confirmation box, click CANCEL.
  • circular arrow icon to refresh content Retry Deploy: try to deploy the integration flow again. If there is any error while deploying your flow, you can try to deploy it again by clicking this button.

  • square icon with bullet points Deployment History: visualize the deployment history of a single integration flow (last five deployments).

Deployment History screen

deployment history

  • orange gear Settings (only Rest Trigger): see and copy the URL for the request call from an integration flow with the Deployed status. Additionally, in diagram-based flows, manage the API Key.

When you enable the API Key field switch, you can add up to two API Keys per integration flow deployed. You can also enable or disable the keys you added.
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