To view and filter your deployed integration runs, access the Executions screen:

  1. From the product’s left-hand side menu; or

  2. By clicking its card on the Welcome page.

Viewing your integrations run

The list of integration runs contains the following fields:

  • TimeStamp: start date and time of the run. The format is year-month-day for the date and hour-minute-second for the time.

  • Integration Flow: name of the integration flow.

  • Version: version of the integration flow.

  • Environment: environment where the integration flow was deployed.

  • Elapsed Time: time, in milliseconds, that the integration flow was run.

  • Status: run status. Can be success or error.

  • Details: details of the run. Clicking the open in newIcon button takes you to Sensedia Analytics.


In the Log Searching screen in Analytics (where you will be automatically directed to after clicking the open in newIcon button), you will be able to see:

  • The request logs from the Rest Trigger;

  • The request and response logs from integration flows that have specific connectors:

    • Rest APIs

    • for Databases

    • for Cloud Providers

    • for ERPs

This way, you will be able to do a complete analysis of the integration flow and troubleshooting.

Filtering your integrations run

Filter for the last

In Filter for the last, you filter the results of your integration run logs using the buttons:

  • 5 minutes for the last 5 minutes;

  • 15 minutes for the last 15 minutes;

  • 1 hour for the last hour.

When a filter is applied, the results are not automatically updated after a time interval. It is necessary to use the refresh executionsIcon button to restore the display of the data corresponding to the filter applied.

To clear the result of the filter used, click on CLEAR.


The filter executionsIcon button allows more advanced filtering of your run records.

To use it, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on filter executionsIcon, at the top right of the screen.

  2. In Environment, select the environment. It can be Staging, Production or both.

  3. In Integration Flows, select the integration flow.

  4. In Status, select whether you want to filter by success or error.

  5. In Filter for the last, select the time range you want to check.

    You can choose between the last 5 minutes, 15 minutes or the last hour.

  6. In Date-Start and Date-End, select the period you want to filter. The format is year-month-day for the date and hour-minute-second for the time.

  7. Click on APPLY in the bottom right-hand corner.

If you want to clear the data already entered in the filter, click on CLEAR.

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